Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New for 2015 "Whispering Children"

Well after two bouts with the flu in one month and some family issues, my little Whispering Children have finally arrived... although she is only the prototype.  I have plenty more coming. 

It was such a fun journey sculpting and designing this adorable little doll.  I used to make this type of doll when I was first starting out in my doll making career.  I have learned many things along the way and have incorporated them into this doll.

Here is an at a glance of how these dolls are created.

11 inches
Hand painted features
Polymer Clay
Textile body
Each doll is made entirely by myself
Costumes are designed and created by me
Wigs are Artist created
Jointed at the head and hips
Fabrics are imported 
Vintage lace and Trim
Hand-crafted hang tags
Initialed and dated

I will update when each doll is completed, but the line of 
"Whispering Children"
won't be available for purchase until the end of May.

For more pictures please visit my new updated website.
Dessa Rae Original Art Dolls
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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