Sunday, September 16, 2012

Please meet Tibby

Shes a work in progress...I still have
to decide what clothes and wig.  I put her together 
for a doll competition and now
I am going to dress her for the doll show.

She turned out really cute...she is a big girl weighing 
10 1/2  pounds and 32 inches.
for the Doll show I am thinking
a long blonde wig and a cute little 
ballerina outfit.

I will be making the changes soon,
just thought I would give you a glimpse of 
how she turned out.

Talk to you later!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tibby's Artist Created Eyes

 This is the Tibby kit, by Donna Rubert.  
She is a work in progress.
I have created her low dome "Glass Like" 
eyes using Mary Ropelato's technique.
Visit Mary's website to find out a little bit 
on how these eyes are made.

Mary will be making a tutorial and selling it from her 
website as soon as she gets a regular routine,
you see Mary just had a baby, and now she 
has 3 little boys 5 years old and under.
I am not at liberty to tell how they are 
made but I can say that Mary's technique is different 
than any other you may have seen on the internet.

These eyes are hand painted,
and not computer generated.  
They take me about 3 days to make one pair.
I made a 24mm pair for Tibby.

These eyes are not perfect by any means, 
but the possibilities are endless.  I will be able to have 
any color or size at my disposal at any time.
I hope you like Tibby's brand new eyes as 
much as I did creating them.

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