Monday, April 23, 2012

Cheap Reborns?

There is a discussion going on at Doll-Fan Reborn 
group about people wanting cheap Reborns. 

I guess I take exception to this use of the word cheap.  
Miriam-Webster's definition of the word cheap is minimum expense.  
I think some people equate the word cheap with inferior.  
There are cheap Reborn dolls that are not inferior and 
there are expensive dolls that are inferior.

I guess why I am writing all of this is I remember 
the first time I set eyes on a Reborn doll.
I was surfing the net and I kept coming across 
Reborn dolls, and most of them were on eBay.
I just couldn't stop looking, searching, and 
drooling over these beautiful babies.

I remember how badly I wanted one of these dolls, 
but they were way out of my price range. 
Don't get me wrong, I would never stoop to asking an 
Artist for a free reborn (that's another story).

I can understand the desire for cheap affordable, reduced, 
low cost,  Reborns, because I have been there.
I now have been making these beautiful dolls since 2003. 
I make Reborns out of a desire to create the 
most realistic babies that I can, and yet I also want to sell 
them at a very reasonable price so that 
people who truly desire a Reborn can purchase one without 
going in debt.

But, because I sell them cheap, does not mean they are inferior...exactly the opposite!
I maybe don't sell my babies with the beautiful layettes that come with some dolls, and I paint the hair now,
(mainly because of an injury to my arm and carpel tunnel), I make my own Glass like, low dome eyes that are second to none in comparison to the high end eyes.  All of my babies are made to exacting standards.
I don't skimp when it comes to weighting, stuffing materials, body material...etc.

I know I will never recoup the money for hours and hours put into creating a Reborn, but the love of creating them, and wanting as many people like me who want one, over shadows that fact.

I give away free Reborns to nursing homes, and hospitals 
for cuddle therapy, and consider it a labor of love. 

So there you have it in a nutshell.  The next time 
you hear the words cheap Reborns, don't always 
assume they are inferior...just made with love!!

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