Sunday, January 8, 2012

My new Furbaby

Hi, I am so excited to show off my new little furbaby. 
She is 12 weeks old, and her name is Scat.

I have her in my dolly room til she is
out of quarantine.  I adopted her from an adoption
event held at a local pet store. 

This was her last time out from the shelter till
she was to be put down, in about 3 weeks. 
She has the regular shelter maladies...
ear mites...probably worms...and a little runny eye,
but all of these things can be taken care of.

She is so sweet and she loves the baby crib....normally
my animals aren't allowed in or around the baby room,
but I made an exception for her, at least till we socialize
her with my other cat...who is not all that happy with
me right

When I left the store I was happy and yet
depressed  at the same time...
I wish I could save all the animals....

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