Friday, July 17, 2009

ADO Elements Challenge

Please let me introduce Tempest. She is a new sculpt for the ADO Elements Challenge. I chose the Element "Air".

She was so much fun to sculpt. She is Asian.
She is sculpted from Puppenfimo. Her hair is Imported English Mohair. She is sculpted down to the hips and her lower arms and legs are sculpted also. Her head is stationary. Her eyes are hand sculpted and hand painted.

Her arms and legs were wrapped in a bubble yarn the color of stormy clouds. Over the yarn I covered her arms and legs in a sheer glitter tulle. I was going for the effect of storm
clouds, sheer on outside and stormy on the inside. She has a wrap around skirt made of a special occasions sheer netting with hand beaded trim.

Her hair was styled as if wind blown. This sculpt is pose able at the elbows and the knees.

Tempest seemed to come together quite easily,
as I laid in bed at night and sculpted her in my
mind for about a week before I even started her.

This the first time I have participated in an ADO Challenge and I found it to be very fun. I hope I can take part in more challenges during the year. Thank you ADO for this opportunity!!

Please visit the ADO blog to see a list of all the participants.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My daughter's new BMX video

This is my youngest daughter Michelle, she is 26 and just had a baby 11 months ago. Her husband filmed the video. She at one time was sponsored by women of Freestyle BMX.
She has been riding BMX for about 10 years.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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